Simple Blends - Superfoods Whey Protein
Simple Blends - Superfoods Whey Protein

Simple Blends - Superfoods Whey Protein

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Benefits of Superfoods Whey Protein Isolate

  • 5 Superfoods Mix:
    • Coconut Flour
    • Chia Seed Flour
    • Quinoa Flour
    • Macca Powder
    • Sunflower Seeds
  • Contains a mix of Vitamins and Minerals (*full breakdown of vitamin profile at the bottom)
  • High in BCAA's
 Gluten Free
No added sugars NO Added Sugars
 Hormones Free
No added sugars NO GMO's
 Digestive Friendly
No added sugars NO Artificial Flavours


  • Our SUPERFOODS WPI Protein Blend is ideal for:
    • Building and Maintaining Lean Muscle
    • Muscle Recovery - Can be used as a pre or post-workout shake.
    • Boost Energy
    • Faster absorption; Quicker Muscle Recovery
    • Maintaining a healthy Gut. It's digestive enzymes help digest the protein better
    • Assisting with Fat Loss Programs
  • With a low calorie count per serve (only 103 calories) and very low levels of saturated fat, this blend can also be used to assist with fat loss in fat loss programs.

  • Used as a day-to-day supplement, our SUPERFOODS WPI Protein Blend will serve as a full complement to your nutrition. With a mixture of 5 superfoods and high levels of essential and non-essential amino-acids, this blend will give you everything you need to complement your food intake and have a healthy diet. 


Our SUPERFOODS Whey Protein Isolate Blend is Made in Australia with the best quality Whey Isolate from New Zealand. It is simply the best protein blend to complement your daily nutrition: Easy, Simple, Extremely Good and super Delicious! 

It contains a mix of 5 organic, premium superfoods (Chia Seed Flour, Coconut Flour, Macca Powder, Quinoa Flour and Sunflower Seeds) that will give you the  vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maximise your energy levels. 

We strive to have ALL NATURAL PRODUCTS.. what does this mean? By having an "All Natural" blend, we are making sure that the ingredients are sourced from natural resources. Our Superfoods protein blends have No nasty additives, No GMO's, they are packed with Organic Superfoods and taste delicious!  

Our products are made with 100% all Natural Flavours - This means No Added Sugars or Artificial Flavours. 

At Simple Blends, Quality is a main Priority. Our products are made of the best quality, mainly using Organic Ingredients sourced in Australia and New Zealand.

Serving Suggestion

Recommended serving: 1 - 2 scoops  (30g per scoop).

  • Blend 1 or 2 scoops of your Superfoods Whey Protein Blend with milk, water or your favourite drink (recommended 150ml). Shake well until blend has fully mixed with your drink. ENJOY!

There are infinite options on how you can consume your Simple Blends protein. If you are interested in healthy recipes, smoothies and more nutrition ideas, please visit our BLOG and SUBSCRIBE to our list. 

Nutritional Info


Nutritional Information


Nutritional Information